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Voice Training

VOICE TRAINING WITH PIANO CLASS, CONTEMPORARY TUNES For anyone intending to study voice in a music school or university, he/she has to do piano as the second instrument. This will help to address the issue of pitch, identification of tones, aural skills, singing through chords and performance with other musicians. At Tonality Music School, our […]

Piano Training in Lagos, Nigeria

Are you searching for a professional piano training in Lagos, Nigeria? Then you have come to the right page. Playing such a wonderful classical instrument as a piano has singled out people in society. And no wonder! After all, this is an excellent musical instrument for accompaniment, solo performances, and compositional activities. Moreover, by playing […]

Basic Studies in Music Programme (BASIMP)

Basic Studies in Music Programme (BASIMP) ‘BASIMP’ is a foundation programme for those who intend to have indepth knowledge in Music, and to further a Music Career. The programme is designed for prospective music students who really want to undergo a professional, academic and performance based music study. Here, students will gain a comprehensive knowledge […]