piano training in Lagos

Piano Training in Lagos, Nigeria

Are you searching for a professional piano training in Lagos, Nigeria? Then you have come to the right page.

Playing such a wonderful classical instrument as a piano has singled out people in society. And no wonder! After all, this is an excellent musical instrument for accompaniment, solo performances, and compositional activities. Moreover, by playing the piano, you,

  • develop performance skills, coordination, memory;
  • broaden your musical horizons;
  • and enrich your inner world.

What is included in the Piano Courses?


  • Individual approach, taking into account the age and stature, the initial level of music education, the tasks you set.
  • Elaboration of the correct fit, setting hands, which allows you to master a variety of techniques, scales, to achieve ease of performing the most virtuoso works.
  • Various exercises to develop performance skills.

We at Tonality Music International have an integrated Piano training in Lagos and Environs from three months above to accommodate learners at different levels.

Flexible time is available for adults at a reasonable cost – you should not think that time is lost or it is too late to study, there are no chances.

Our music school offers the first piano lesson with approach to sounding notes.

You will be able to get acquainted with the instrument, play, try your hand, get recommendations from the teacher and assess your abilities.

At the initial stage of training, you can play a few pieces, read, understand notes, pick up tunes and chord accompaniment.

For those who have more serious professional tasks on the piano course, it will require hard work – thorough mastering of performing techniques, and extensive repertoire.

We also have teachers who are well trained to teach children to play the piano.

The ability to play a musical instrument will make you a different person. Music performance skills make musicians attractive to others. When learning to play the piano, the development of creative abilities takes place, the ability to express one’s innermost feelings through music appears.

In contact with the beautiful world, enjoying the experiences that possession of the instrument gives, the performer generously shares his emotions with the audience and rewards them with his beautiful performance.

Take the first step towards achieving your dream.

How great it would be to show off the performance of a popular piece-a song to your own accompaniment, causing admiration of friends and relatives!

Learning to play the piano is challenging, but it requires a huge reserve of patience, diligence, and perseverance. Gradually, with you showing dexterity in playing, people begin to appreciate the one who proves his worth.


For anyone intending to study voice in a music school or university, he/she has to do piano as the second instrument of study.

This will help to address the issue of pitch, identification of tones, aural skills, singing through chords and performance with other musicians.

At Tonality Music School, our voice students will be able to accompany songs with the keyboard/piano. You may also prefer to add any other available instruments like the guitar, saxophone, flute, and drums in addition to your instrument of study.

Sometimes, the singers and musicians may not understand the lyrical content and stylistic movement in a complex contemporary music, Gospel tunes, and jazz chords.

Registering with us will do you a lot of good as we explore together the songs of the International and Nigerian Musicians, singers and worship leaders.

The end result will give you fulfillment.

Our desire is that all our graduating students will go out as Potential music leaders to start their own Music organisation, ministry and as Entrepreneurs flourishing in their music businesses and calling.

You can as well check out some other of our courses and programmes.


Get on the Music train!

Tonality Music School


Phone/Whatsapp: 08055972777

Ikeja Lagos.


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