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Origin and Early Forms of Music

Music has its origin from the sound produced from animate and inanimate objects: humans, animals, and plants inclusive. The origin of music could be traced to the production of speech, human communication, work rhythms, play rhythms, clapping, mimicries, singing, human sound, the roaring of waves or oceans, blacksmiths, harmer, and anvil, and environmental sounds. There […]

30 Nigerian Praise and Worship Songs with Tonic Solfa for Music leaders, singers, and Musicians

Introduction: Praise worship songs and choruses are melodious tunes incorporated into church music in Nigeria, and in other churches around the world. Christians from Nigeria take along with them some of these songs and practically use them in the culture they found themselves, irrespective of the church denominations. Some of these songs are recorded on […]


Bible References: Exodus 14: 13-14;  Psalms 46: 10; Phil 3:10.                                                                                                                             INTRODUCTION: ‘And Moses said unto the people, fear ye not, stand still, and see the salvation of the Lord, which he will show to you today: for the Egyptians whom ye have seen today, ye shall see them again no more for ever’. […]

Guitar Training

HISTORY  OF  THE  GUITAR The Guitar is an ancient instrument. The history and the development of the guitar could be traced back to 4000 years, from the ancient Egypt to Middle East Asia (India), Europe (Greek, Spain) and Africa. An Egyptian singer called Har-Mose made a guitar-like instrument with three strings. It has a sound […]

Rudiments of Music

Reading a set of music pieces is strange to Shade, she is anxious and very unsettled at music rehearsals when others are reading the dots and flicking the papers. Having known her instrument so well, that she could perform by intuition and be creative in her display, she is sometimes stucked during orchestra and hymns […]

Between Talent and Training

“Wao! That’s an admirable performance. Can you see the dexterity of Ekpeyong on the violin? I had watched him play many times. He plays effortlessly.” Collins said to Tunde. “He is a rare breed. He’s got talent.” Tunde replied. “The guy is damn too good.  He must have spent many hours rehearsing.” Collins said, convincingly. “Collins, this is […]

Choir: choral parts/harmony

A choir is a group of people singing together in different parts or harmony. There are children, adult, women and men choirs singing in low and high pitches. Their rendition could be choral music, Gospel, Highlife, or traditional folk songs, depending on their vision and objectives; and a knowledge of music, composition, and arranging skills. […]