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Rudiments of Music

Reading a set of music pieces is strange to Shade, she is anxious and very unsettled at music rehearsals when others are reading the dots and flicking the papers. Having known her instrument so well, that she could perform by intuition and be creative in her display, she is sometimes stucked during orchestra and hymns […]

Between Talent and Training

“Wao! That’s an admirable performance. Can you see the dexterity of Ekpeyong on the violin? I had watched him play many times. He plays effortlessly.” Collins said to Tunde. “He is a rare breed. He’s got talent.” Tunde replied. “The guy is damn too good.  He must have spent many hours rehearsing.” Collins said, convincingly. “Collins, this is […]

Choir: choral parts/harmony

A choir is a group of people singing together in different parts or harmony. There are children, adult, women and men choirs singing in low and high pitches. Their rendition could be choral music, Gospel, Highlife, or traditional folk songs, depending on their vision and objectives; and a knowledge of music, composition, and arranging skills. […]

History of the Violin

The development of the violin-like instruments could be traced to the 9th and 10th centuries when string instruments were used in music performance. String instruments are referred to as instruments that are bowed. For example, Lira (lyre) and Fiddle (3 strings). These string instruments had their origin in Central Asia- part of Mongolia, and were […]

Singing and the Use of Songs in Worship

Singing is a human activity that transcends generations, a process that involves the mechanism of sound and rhythmic production. Songs composed and written by individuals are borne out of the experience, historical past, present events, and futuristic, reflecting the intention of the composer or the writer. Majority of the songs have their themes, with a […]

Art of Drumming 1 : Music Performance

The art of drumming involves the skills displayed by the performer in playing the drums. The person who plays the drum is called a drummer. He/she understands the styles, rhythm, and melody line of the drum. There are many types of drums with different sounds and pitches. For example, Gangan (talking drum) Iya-ilu (big drum) […]

God Save the Queen (Music and Lyrics)

‘God save the Queen’ is the British National Anthem sung at various Government functions and British Crown dependencies, National events, and Commonwealth meetings, for many decades. The Anthem takes the title: ‘God save the Queen or God save the King’ depending on the gender of the reigning Monarch (male or female). The Royal anthem is […]

Music and Aural Skills Development 1: Tonic Solfa

Exercises on Scales Major Scales: Ionian, Pentatonic scales using tonic solfa will be relevant and help to improve fingering and aural skills. Play all the exercises, on all the 12 keys. Repeat the exercise as many times as possible on different rhythms: semibreve-4 beats; minim-2 beats; crotchet-1 beat; Quaver-½ beat and semiquaver beat-¼ beat. (i) […]

Voice Training

VOICE TRAINING WITH PIANO CLASS, CONTEMPORARY TUNES For anyone intending to study voice in a music school or university, he/she has to do piano as the second instrument. This will help to address the issue of pitch, identification of tones, aural skills, singing through chords and performance with other musicians. At Tonality Music School, our […]