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Choir leadership & ministry

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They came together to sing, in unison and harmony with a common purpose to communicate messages to the listeners.

Sometimes, they wear same uniforms or robes, or in different attires.

During the day, evening and nights; rainy days and sunshine, they came together to rehearse songs, pray and prepare for church services, indoor and outdoor events.

Men, women, old, young,ladies, teens of different age groups; people of various class: rich, poor, wealthy, posh…in a group to voice out harmonies week-in week-out.

They prepare songs just like a woman prepare soup for her household. Hubby could say salt isn’t enough, children may chant, this is fantastic while cousins or guests could say, it’s too peppery.
That doesn’t make her not to prepare more dishes for them.

Rejected, but encouraged; despised but not downtrodden; celebrated though without physical reward!
Likewise, our great choir, on a Sunday service, having prepared and delivered the rendition, few in the congregation may clap, appreciate and other may criticise them.

He/she gets the knock and shouts. If it’s good or worse, it comes back to the leader preparing the team for the church service or performance.

He/she serves them, pastoring the team as a shepherd under the main church Pastor. He/she cares and attends to issues aside singing, realising that a merry heart doth sing, while a troubled soul will struggle during service and performance.
Could it be possible to get a good tune out of an hungry member or a lady/guy with marital challenges?

However, this team-leader has his/her challenges in life. Atimes, he/she shouts over the team, a bit frustrated with occasional mixed feelings of laughter and deep crying inside.
So much decision to make on who leads the song or which song to sing in a congregation of diverse cultures.
The team must understand this: pray, support and be a source of encouragement all the time.

Over the years, I have learnt to study my choir group, appreciate and value everyone as an important member of the team.
Laws are bent with integrity, allowing members to be stakeholder in the choir ministry.
Good voice is needed, other distuned voices get the necessary help.

I had passed through many lands, being blessed by great choir families. I have a heritage of glorious singing people.
I am humbled to acknowledge the Christ, God’s Holy Son for Grace to lead the choir team and serve in the music ministry for over 20 years!!!

Let’s continue in this ministry, be focussed and sing melody in our hearts to the Lord, communing with the Holy Spirit.
And weary not, for in due season our reward shall fully come. Amen.

Olu Sam
Tonality Music



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