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Table of Contents


  1. Keyboard or any other instrument
  2. Voice training and harmony*
  3. Composition and Arranging songs
  4. History of Gospel music (Project)
  5. Worship/Biblical Music
  6. Songleading

*Students who are not voice major are allowed to pick another instrument of choice.

Duration: 6 months/ 24 weeks.

Twice a week @ 2 hours of study.

96 hours of study and 6 hours of project and supervision.

Tuition– 300k

Registration fee:5k

Gospel Music Course content

(Two terms study)

Term 1 courses:

  1. Keyboard
  2. Vocals and harmony*
  3. Song-leading and musical styles
  4. Rudiments of music and chords
  5. History of Gospel music 1
  6. Music in the Bible

Duration: 4 months/ 16 weeks.

Twice a week @ 2hours of study.

64 hours of study.

Tuition– N200, 000

Registration fee:N5, 000

Term 2 courses

  1. Keyboard or any other Instrument
  2. Arranging music
  3. Reading notes and chords
  4. Recording techniques
  5. Songleading/ instrumental music (Project)
  6. Worship Praxis

*Students who are not voice major are allowed to pick another instrument of choice.

Duration: 4 months/ 16 weeks.

Twice a week @ 2hours of study.

64 hours of study and 3  hours of project and supervision.

Tuition– N200, 000

Students on the Gospel Music Programme would be taught Rudiments of sound and pitches, necessary for developing aural skills for vocalists and musicians. This is very crucial to musical development, with advantages. The students would also be able to:

  1. Sing and play on the appropriate key
  2. Play their instrument to a good level, and improve themselves on vocals.
  3. Create songs with chords
  4. Harmonise and arrange songs
  5. Lead and perform with other members in the music team
  6. Create their songs and music with a biblical perspective

Extracts from the Gospel Music Programme

  1. Analysis of Worship and Praise songs
  2. Arrangement of songs in different styles
  3. Leading a praise session with meaningful lyrics
  4. Using appropriate key to lead songs.
  5. Intro sound and outro.

Some individuals have the desire to sing, they have seen several secular and Gospel music ministers out there, and they would like to be like them; copy their styles in order to fullfil their dream of performing and leading songs in the church, in concerts, and on a global stage.

We can say about a few who have also imagined themselves singing in a big crowd, but  very bothered for years on how to fulfil their dream.

Talking about recording a song. Is it really easy to go to the studio, pick up the mic and lead songs? I am talented, yes! What about undergoing a sound teaching and adding the necessary skills- just like purifying the raw gold in order to have more economical value and worth?

Is yours a music career or burdened-career of music? You will do yourself a lot of good if you would learn the singing skills, with an additional course in production of sound and music arrangement, strong leading ability and music recording par excellence.

Well, I can sing, so I get in to a studio, and engage a studio engineer to record my song. I want people to hear me sing those songs I have been keeping for a long time, the spirit-filled songs that God gave to me in my dream.

So, they would record, probably shot a video, highly elated,  and eargely waiting for the whole world to hear the dream song. If they are very fortunate, the song may hit the sky, and the other way could end up within the suburbs or the near audience! Discouraged and perplexed, they want to drop the vision and aspiration.

Mend the broken clays, You are in the Porter’s hand!

Rise up, be strong and be healed. You can really get back to ‘beyond the valley to up the hills’. Therefore,

  1. Seek for a good music and vocal coach; a tutor or mentor to help you
  2. Submit your song for proper editing, removing inappropriate words, and adding words that would be fitting, meaningful and minister to the audience wanting to worship God and looking for hope in Jesus.
  3. Don’t be in haste to record your songs. You may end up in a bad studio and with an inexperienced recording engineer. Take useful advice and instructions from those who have had good music recording and successful music career.
  4. Listen to good sounds and worshipful music. Your ears must hear good sound, and recognise pitches.
  5. If you aren’t strong or good at leading songs, why do you have to force yourself? Don’t misinterprete me, you can do all things by His grace. However, it is important to take adequate lessons to improve your skills, and could be better to work under a potential Spirit-filled music leader.

Gospel music links the continents

Music ministers are leading songs on international stage, and doing collaboration with other musicians around the globe. For African music ministers, singing with other Western counterparts, serves as a source of inspiration to upcoming Gospel music students and musicians.

Nigerian Gospel singer, Sinach, rated as one of the most populous songleader in Africa came to limelight when one of her songs became a household tune in the West and in other parts of the world. The song, Waymaker  also claimed two of the top 10 spots on the Billboard Hot Christian Songs, and was recorded by major International Gospel musicians including Micheal W. Smith and Leeland¹, Darlene Czech and William McDowell.

Other credits:

  • Ron Kenoly with the Ugandan children sang, O the Lord be magnified
  • Frank Edwards and Don  Moen, ‘Eze Ndi Eze’.
  • Narakele mo, by Tim Gofrey and Travis Greene
  • Israel Houghton led the worship songs composed in Zimbabwe: ‘You are Alpha and Omega’
  • Eben sang Agunechelba One featuring Phil Thompson.


Gospel music has gone a long way to build bridges and bond us to the deep love of our Saviour. Let’s do Gospel. Let’s bring melodies of worship to Jesus.

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