guitar training lagos

Guitar training in Lagos, Nigeria

Learning to play the electric guitar – the string world

 The electric guitar sound gets its amplification from the combo amp or through sound arrangement with a rack of effects: distortion, overdrive, and lots of other rocky sound.

The names of Steve Vai, Joe Satriani, Jimmy Hendrix cause a thrill, in the world of the electric guitar playing!

Everyone, regardless of age, musical skills and knowledge can learn the electric guitar.

The electric guitar came alive at the beginning of the 20th century. The history of the development of the instrument is closely connected with Leo Fender and Les Paul – these are musicians and inventors whose names are known to majority of guitar players.

Electric Guitar Course Programme

It is worth noting that for each student an individual programme of learning to play the guitar is made by taking into account his level, abilities and preferences, which necessarily includes:

  • Correct hand position or setting;
  • development of the mobility of fingers and hands;
  • playing chords, notes and tablature;
  • work on hearing, sense of rhythm;
  • study of the technical side of the issue (combo amplification, gadgets, instrument tuning, etc.).

Playing an electric guitar at any level of training

If you are a beginner, then training will be built in stages from a complete beginner’s level, in an understandable language and at a comfortable pace. If you have already learned how to play the guitar a long time ago, our teachers will help you to improve your skill, improve your technique, assist, and make sense of difficult moments in your favorite works.

And, if you are a master of your instrument and want to become even greater, then in any case, come for the audition, so that the teacher will determine what else you can be taught where there are growth zones. Although there is always a space to grow!

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