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How to change the tone of your voice forever

how to sing

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how to sing
how to sing

Tips to change the tone of your voice and make it more attractive.

The voice is one of the most important tools to get attention in other people, but we do not always know how to use it.

While perfecting your vocal intonation and your diction can take a lifetime, it is possible to have a beautiful voice in a relatively short period. All you need is a little education and some constant practice.

Develop good habits to talk and sing

Speak louder:

It is important people hear you very clearly when you speak, so raise your voice! If you usually whisper, mumble or talk with your head down, other listeners are more likely to interrupt or ignore you.

However, this does not mean that you have to shout, but you must vary the volume of your voice according to the situation. For example, if you address a large group of people, you will have to speak louder to project your voice.

Speak slower:

Talking very fast could create a wall between you and the audience, because others can find it hard to follow the rhythm or even understand you, and are more likely to be distracted and therefore stop listening.

Therefore, it is important that you lower the rhythm by speaking the words slowly and stopping between each sentence. Thus, you will emphasize what you are saying and you can give yourself a break.

On the other hand, it may not be a good idea to talk too slow. This can be monotonous for your listeners and they may lose patience and become distracted.

The ideal rhythm to speak is approximately between 120 and 160 words per minute.However, if you are giving a speech, it is a good idea to change the speed at which you speak. Talking slower, or faster depending on the speaker helps to emphasize an argument, as well as conveying the feeling of passion and enthusiasm.

Pronounce well:

We could reinterate that speaking clearly is the most important aspect of developing a good speaking voice. Therefore, pay close attention to every word you say to pronounce it completely and correctly.

Make sure you open your mouth wide, relax your lips and keep your tongue and teeth in the correct position when you speak. At first it may feel strange, but if you make a constant effort to pronounce the words correctly, it will soon come naturally to you.

Some words are sometimes mispronounced or not well articulated. There are many reasons for this, such as our cultural accents and what we have heard from people over time.  However, a deep knowledge of words and diction practices could help.

Do breathing exercises:

Deep breathing is key to having a pleasant and intense voice. Most people do not cultivate a good breathing attitude. They sometimes breathe too fast and not very deep. This in turn, affect the way they sing and speak. The result is production of distorted and nasal tone.

Breathing must come from the deep, not the chest, with diaphragm expanding to support the chest bones . To know if you are breathing well, place your hand on the abdomen, just below your last rib. You must feel how your stomach expands. Do not lift up your shoulders when you breathe.

Do breathing exercises by inhaling deeply so that your belly fills with air. Inhale for 5 seconds and exhale for another 5. Get used to breathing with this method, daily and observe your tone.

Long breath, is a when you breath in for a few seconds and hold the breath as long as you could. With this, you fill in your lungs with air(the lubricant), and you would have enough strenght to sustain and power your voice.

Remember that sitting up and standing upright, with your chin up in the right position will make you breathe deeper and your voice will be more easily projected.

Good posture is also necessary to producing a good voice

Try to breathe in before you speak or sing, and at the end of each sentence. If you use this method to breathe deeply, you will have enough air to say the next sentence without intermitent breathing. Your listeners will also get a feel of the smoothness of your voice production.

Smile when you speak:

People will admire you and the content of your speech more favorably if you use a friendly and encouraging tone instead of an aggressive, harsh or monotonous one.

A good way to make your tone of voice more friendly is to smile when you speak or rather be reflective when making an emotional speech. It does not mean that you have to have a wide and exaggerated smile; just curl your lips a little upwards to make your voice sound more attractive.

Additional tips

The jaw and the lips are parts of the resonating box. They should be more relaxed. If your lips and jaw are relaxed and free to move, your voice will sound more natural and less forced or wobbled.

When your vocal cords produce sounds, you should feel vibrations in your chest, back, neck and head. This vibration will create resonance and give your voice an intense sound.

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