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MUSIC :Introduction to Sound (Part 1)

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MUSIC :Introduction to Sound-Music is an organised sound, pleasant to the ear, and giving pleasure to the soul and the listeners. (i.e melodious tunes from the choir, violin, trumpet, flute, guitar….)

Noise is a bad sound, very unpleasant to the ear! (i.e, crowd in the market…)

Music can’t be produced without sound. Sound can’t be heard in a vacuum.
Sound travels in a medium. For example, in a solid, liquid air/gaseous states. If you listen to your heartbeat, you could hear a rushing sound.

We also have sounds from
*Nature: trees, oceans,
*Heavens: thunder….
*Artificial substances: cars, piano, Trumpet, train, footsteps…

1. Sounds from natures

Whispering on the trees, wind and waves from the oceans (the ocean roars).

2. Heavens

Psalm 19: 1- 3 ‘The heavens declare the glory of God and the firmament his praises…’
‘This is my Beloved Son, in whom I am well pleased. Mathew 3:17.

3. Artificial

Train horns, cars, fire.
Very important to study those sounds as part of life. Absolutely necessary to hear and understand sounds to avoid any unexpected danger.

Speech clarity, diction, dynamics, articulation, melody and harmony, good breathing amongst others are the bedrock for producing good sound, which could in turn help one’s singing.


1. Let’s identify and study sounds from our environment, living and non-living
2. Cry of babies, voices of our neighbours and children
3. Listen to the word, to our church members and choirs singing with joy or someone crying for help.
4. Pay attention to sound from our musical instruments(keyboard, drums), as well as from musical equipment (speakers).
5. Listen for God’s voice though the gentle Holy Spirit

Part 1, on Music: Introduction to Sound will end here.
Read part II here.
Do not hesitate to ask questions or contribute as well.

Olu Sam.

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