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Melodies are like sweet pearls, born in the deep-soul of each person.

They come in dreams, while on a walk, at work – whenever they like: in their own special unique ways. Someone needs to sing them once or twice. And some want to save, remember, write and share with friends and close relatives.

The question is – how to do it?

Sometimes, you record a melody – it’s boring, you can see the flaws, there is a lack of harmony, though, original. Not at all what sounds in the bath. It would be great – I thought it up, wrote it down, made an arrangement: this piece was played by the violin, this one was played by the woodwinds, then the brass instruments come in!

Why do we need composition courses?

Courses are designed for those who want to learn how to write music and wondering: “How to compose music?”

It is a mistake to think that the lessons on composition are needed only to compose complex works and classics. Those who wish to write rock music, music in the style of trance, jazz – knowledge is necessary. Others who intend to write indigenous music should have basic knowledge of cultural music and language.

You will learn how to write music on a computer, especially performance, processing on a keyboard synth.  Basic theoretical, practical knowledge, understanding of the basic laws of composition, structures, and forms of works are necessary.

Composition lessons will help you to compose music and write it in notes.

The composition programme is compiled for individual and group class. Tonality music school provides classes for adults of any level.

In the composition lessons you will learn how:

  • melody is built;
  • to arrange the melody with creative harmony;
  • rhythm affects the character, mood of the work;
  • to write music on the computer;
  • to compose, process music on the piano, guitar.