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Our Gospel Artistes

Tonality Music International (TMI) is committed to developing Gospel music in Africa and beyond.

We have a viable music programme in place to help upcoming and well-known artistes to fulfil their God-given mandate: spreading the good news through music-songs.

You can join through our Gospel Music studies or register for your music project, under Tonality Music Recording Project (TMRP).

What entails in Tonality Music Recording Project

TMI will, amongst other things,

  1. work with you to get a good grasp of your music genre, help you maintain focus on your mission, and effective outcome of your project
  2. Listen to the compositions and offer useful advice on the lyrical content
  3. Arrange your music
  4. Train your voice – voice training
  5. Organise adequate rehearsals for a good recording session and upcoming performances
  6. Prepare you for your studio recording
  7. Guide you on proper steps to a perfect audio recording album
  8. Provide skillful musicians and singers, if you don’t have any
  9. Supervise the mixing and mastering of your songs
  10. Assist in promoting your songs on various digital platforms

Project duration: 3 to 6 months.

The first month will be for vocal training and arranging the lyrical composition, while the remaining months will focus on instrumentations, rehearsals, studio recording and mixing.

What do you stand to gain?

On our TMRP, you have the benefits of meeting our top-class professionals, learning from them, and being tutored by them. They will share their wealth of experience and would help you to nurture your talent, in order to succeed on the music project. Not only that you’ve come here to undertake a recording project, but you would also as well gain more knowledge as a lead singer and able to stand on the world’s stage! You have the liberty to proceed to musical glory. Why not start NOW?

Welcome, our first Gospel Artiste on Tonality Music Gospel Hub

I present to you Grace Adeniyi @GracyAden; from training session to studio.

Grace Adeniyi, just like her name is an embodiment of grace; an elegant lady embellished with so much gifts. She is a visionary leader filled with productive ideas, always wanting to improve and gets on the top.

‘I come now to You’ Project started in October 2020. The artiste was so believing about releasing her songs, one of which she had written 20 years ago. We started with rehearsals and vocal training, though, her voice was raw but it has some elements of beauty that could be developed.

Finding appropriate keys for her songs weren’t easy as we had to work through various keys and pitches that could make the songs sound good. Her vocal range is superb, mellow on the mid-range and exciting on the high notes. Grace Aden has a fantastic approach to learning and picking up things magnetically, therefore, the vocal-aural lessons were productive.

Arranging Music: Lyrics and Instrumental arrangements

The 7 audio tracks have different quality of styles. I had to work on her compositions which have a resemblance of musical styles from the West, the Caribbean and Africa: global.  Also, I advised her to identify some Gospel artistes, study and listen to their songs. You’ve got a Cece Winas’ tone! Yes, a Yolanda Adams’ vocal texture. Gracy Aden went ahead and practiced songs from those gospel stars, and now we have a Nigerian-modelled Cece Winas and Yolanda Adams, developing her own tonal brand.

Arranging the music (and instrumentation) was a pretty task, very interesting to score the music pieces and re-arranging the lyrics. I had thought of using loads of instruments wherever applicable to suit the broad of musical styles in the album. From violin, guitars, saxophone… to African talking drum sounds, the music was taking a nice shape to the amazement of our artiste and working team.

It is worth mentioning that Gospel lyrics must conform to the Scriptures; if it is Good news, it should reflect the message of salvation, good to give life to the lost and encourage believers on the Way. All the seven tracks are full of great messages that would bless humanity.

The road to the Studio

For Gracy, it was an unforgettable experience, being her first time in themusic studio. She was able to learn on the job, and got inputs from the Music team, and the experienced engineer (G Marx). The back-up singers are fantastic, they made the works enjoyable and smooth. Thereafter, the mixing, reviews of the mixes and finally, mastering of the audios.



Project manager and Music Producer

Grace Adeniyi’s Profile

Grace Jummai Nnadufe Adeniyi (Jiya) was born in Lagos, Nigeria in 1981. She is Nupe from Lokoja, Kogi state, Nigeria. Her late father Rt. Rev. Emmanuel Jiya was a man of God and the Overseer of Holy Assembly of Christ Church Lagos. Her Mum is a retired civil servant who worked in Public Complaints Commission…read more.

WHILE I’M HERE, reminds us to be focused on eternity while being busy with our earthly goals and ministry.

ALL FOR HIS PLEASURE demonstrates that every single victory, the downtime, and the events in our lives, in the end, are for God’s glory. Our lives are an extension of God’s glory here on earth. We bring God pleasure as we do his will and do exploits here on earth. This song also has an Igbo, Hausa, Yoruba, French, and Swahili chorus.

I FALL DOWN AGAIN. The righteous may fall seven times but he will rise again. When we fall, we should not hesitate to run back to Him quickly. His hands are always opened wide to receive us.

YOU PERFORM MIRACLES EVERY DAY. The thought of how we are here today by God’s grace also brings to remembrance the many miracles we see every day; the seemingly little and big ones. Just breathing is a miracle. Being able to eat, being able to casually step out of your house and come back safely is a miracle. The many invisible battles God fights for us, rescuing us from many destructions. He’s been too faithful to fail us. This song is a danceable one with a touch of Nigerian pidgin (local intonations).

YEA AND AMEN was composed while at the university. We were constantly encouraged in the All Talented Christian club, my school fellowship in Zaria to showcase our talents. This song was borne out of my association with ATC club. This song has a reggae part.

ARISE was written in recognition of the place of prayer and intimacy with our helper, especially in our time of need for God’s intervention.

ROCK BOTTOM (a rap) Yes, we sometimes hit our rock bottom when we let the excitement of this world take away our focus on Christ. But NO! Satan can’t have us.

The vision for these songs is to encourage us to fulfill the reasons for our living on earth;

  1. To do God’s pleasure
  2. Magnify God’s glory
  3. Care for what God cares about – the souls of men
  4. Make disciples for the kingdom and be the voice of God
  5. Share the good news
  6. Pursue the great commission.

At the end, it’s what God says about me that matters, more than what the world would say about me. This is really not about me but God’s kingdom– Grace Adeniyi.

Audio Tracks loading. To be fully released on 16th May, 2021

  1. Miracles everyday
  2. Rock bottom
  3. I come now to You
  4. While I’m here
  5. For His pleasure
  6. Show Yourself
  7. Flowers fade

Songs composed and written by Grace Adeniyi

E- Mail: jummai_ng@yahoo.com (Tel: +2348171927189)

Music Arranged and Produced by: OLU Sam, for Tonality Music Int’l, Ikeja Lagos (08055972777)