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Rudiments of Music

rudiments of music

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Reading a set of music pieces is strange to Shade, she is anxious and very unsettled at music rehearsals when others are reading the dots and flicking the papers.

Having known her instrument so well, that she could perform by intuition and be creative in her display, she is sometimes stucked during orchestra and hymns rehearsals.

The lesson here is that every musician should endeavour to study the rudiments of music, to enhance his/her performance. Rudiments are necessary basics to the knowledge of the theory of music and useful in practical sight-reading of musical notes on the staff.  These rudiments include musical notes and sound, rhythm, timing and duration of notes, accidentals, building of chords, intervals between notes, and dynamics. Rudiments of music are fundamental to creating melodies and block of extensive chords/harmonies.

It is important for the students and performing artistes to understand the transition between the reading of notes and playing of the instruments or vocals by interpreting and analysing the musical sound, pitch, notes, musical terms and signs before playing any music piece.

With the knowledge of the rudiments of music, one would be able to create the music piece and songs, and communicate to the public his/her ideas.

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Grace Jummai Nnadufe Adeniyi (Jiya) was born in Lagos, Nigeria in 1981. She is Nupe from Lokoja, Kogi state, Nigeria. Her late father Rt. Rev.

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