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Do you have a call to music ministry and don’t know how to go about it? You probably have gone through many challenging situations in and out of the church, and deeply bothered or confused about fulfilling your dream!

You may have so many questions regarding your church music and directing? Yes, you could be the answer to those questions with quality and biblical music education.

Would you take time out to study Gospel music and the reasons why some songs that we sing project GOOD NEWS?

Have you been involved in a music band or a choir, yet you can’t lead songs or harmonise (singing in parts: alto, tenor and bass)?

Do you have your single or an album and find it difficult to perform your recorded songs? That could be very challenging. The studio engineer added a lot of voice effects to galvanise your voice and made you sound like the nightingale birds.

Yeah, the audience had expected you to sound better than your recorded music when performing live.  Oops, that’s not the case! You need help to correct the wrong notes and jittery when performing.

Does your pianist play an inappropriate key and, that makes you sound too high or deep, very uncomfortable? Many of our so-called musicians do not understand that recorded songs could be performed on another key if the original key is not suitable for the singers or the choir.

Transcription is needed depending on the collective voices and relative central key of the choir team.  The reason, why hymns composers do consider the congregation voice range while they fix the key of the written hymn.

We have up-to-date programmes: Music Ministry, Worship studies, Music Leader’s Certificate Programme, Basic Studies in Music, Popular Music studies… All of these well packed-courses will benefit and shoot you up to become the genius you have hoped for.

The quality of delivery is here. We combine the intellectual and analytical works of a university and college degree music programmes with practicals to give you a proven identity and qualification needed in the contemporary age.

We will assist you to analyse your compositions and teach you how to arrange the songs.  Anyway, you don’t have to go too far. Tonality Music will give you a good beginning to music life and a step to the glorious future.

Get on the Music train!

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