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Tonality Music School Ikeja Lagos

2021 Summer holiday lesson

Date: Monday 2nd August to Thursday 2nd September 2021

Morning session: 9 am-12pm
Afternoon session: 12 pm- 3pm

For Students, and adults alike.

Registration starts from 27th July 2021.

Register for your holiday music lesson.

Enrol for Vocal and musical instruments studies: the piano/keyboard, guitar, violin, drums, saxophone, flute, trumpet, and rudiments of music.

You will have more time to learn, practice, and improve on your music studies within the scheduled 5 weeks of Summer School.

Parents are encouraged to involve their children and assist them to study at least one musical instrument during this season! You would be surprised how much value they would have got and an added skill to their multi-task school academic programme.

We have a systematic approach to teach and impart every student with adequate knowledge and musical skills, irrespective of his/her academic prowess or aptitude.

We have musical instruments available at Tonality Music, for your convenient studies and practice. However, you can also come with your musical instrument if you’ve got one.

We shall expect you.

For further inquiries please call, 08055972777; 07088240850; or visit our website: