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God Save the Queen (Music and Lyrics)

God Save the Queen music and lyrics

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‘God save the Queen’ is the British National Anthem sung at various Government functions and British Crown dependencies, National events, and Commonwealth meetings, for many decades.

The Anthem takes the title: ‘God save the Queen or God save the King’ depending on the gender of the reigning Monarch (male or female). The Royal anthem is captivating, so lovely with an interesting melody and lyrics.

I have been wondering for few years about the attitude of the football fans during the FA cup finals in the UK; how enthusiastic these football lovers chant the anthem, very emotional from the opening statement to the closing lines.

Having studied in England, I also joined in singing “God save the Queen ’’. I love that phrase since it is part of my duty to pray for the Monarch.

On one of my practice days, I found something interesting-like a soothing effect, within the harmony of the music piece. Therefore, I really took the time to read through the words of the anthem and carefully observed the beautifully crafted lyrics.

Though, the writers of the words and the tune of the exciting anthem were acclaimed to be anonymous. However, reference was made to Henry Carey as the authorship of the lyrics, and the tune was attributed to John Bull. The four-part harmony was made by Frederick Bridge. The anthem was first adopted and performed in 1745.

The harmonies in the 14-bar music were brilliantly arranged with stepwise passing notes, perfect cadences, partial modulation and syncopation of suitable dynamics, it is like the notes were swiftly moving like gallant soldiers on a ceremonial match past or rather, like movement in a chemical reaction!

The more I play the music, the better it sounds-good, with the accompanying bass part. It could be compared to a balanced diet.

Considering a few lines of the anthem:

                                                                ‘The reign of the Queen:

                                                                Gracious and noble Queen

                                                                Victories over enemies;

                                                                Confound their Politics

                                                                  Happy long to reign

The writers, as well as the modern-day singers voiced blessings upon the Queen who is regarded as the defender of the law, and ‘trusting in the Lord our God for her safety and long reign’. Her message does bring hope and encouragement to the people of the Great Kingdom.

Long live Queen Elizabeth: a mother, grandmother, and Great grandmother close to a centurion [100 years] and fulfilling the words of the echoed prayer in the anthem.

No wonder the anthem remains indelible through centuries. Should there be any need for a new anthem, in the future, these super-melodious words on the lips of many people groups, and the Commonwealth of Nations have made a profound impression.

God save the Queen’, reflects the beauty of a quality composition twined in a vision for a progressive society, binding love, prayer, and blessing on God’s chosen leader.

Music: a sweet melody, emanating sound with perfectly blended harmony strikes a chord in the human soul, establishing a deep, thoughtful and peaceful assurance that brightens the moment, and a walk through the future. – OLU Sam



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