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Singing and the Use of Songs in Worship

Singing and the Use of Songs in Worship

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Singing is a human activity that transcends generations, a process that involves the mechanism of sound and rhythmic production.

Songs composed and written by individuals are borne out of the experience, historical past, present events, and futuristic, reflecting the intention of the composer or the writer.

Majority of the songs have their themes, with a message for the targeted audience. Though, the content and the lyrical composition determine the category of songs.

Every community enjoys a few activities like reciting proverbial words, story-telling, singing, dancing, drama, and sports. Out of all the activities, singing is a predominant factor,  in that,  it enlivens, facilitates, beautified, and makes the message meaningful to the societal events.

During religious festivals and other events around the world, singing is part of the rituals. (We shall discuss this later).


The church as well use songs in worship. Some of our churches are known for singing beautiful and well-arranged melodies. The Apostolic churches, C&S, Celestial church, ECWA, Anglican,  Baptist, and the Catholics sing classical music and indigenous composed songs.

It was said of a church worship service, that ‘music and singing would be the first item on the service programme, and the choir must be ready and prepare to lead the congregation.’


Praise and worship or Praise-worship?

The concept of Praise and worship could be a misleading ‘term’ in the charismatic-Pentecostal tradition. Though other mainline churches have also joined in the Praxis.

The Praise-worship idea was introduced a few years ago as new development to our worship structure and to highlight the difference in stylistic and scriptural approach to singing worship songs in a contemporary way!

It shifted a bit from the Mainline churches’ (Anglican, Methodist, Catholic, Baptist..) and OAIC order of service which encompasses many themes and styles.

‘Worship that is biblical is that praise and adoration which has God as its source and subject. As the sun is the center of our solar system, so God is to be at the center of our adoration and praise…Worship, then, involves both animated praise and speechless prostration.’¹

Worship is all we do!

Worship consists of reading and obedience to scriptures, our Christlike lifestyle, communion, faith and works,  confession of the Triune God of Grace,  to whom we express our love and allegiance to in Praise,  adoration, thanksgiving,  petition, lament, and confession.

It does requires a humble, spiritual-worship leader of biblical and intellectual understanding to lead the people in the worship of God,  through these songs of different themes.

Each song has a meaning and what it stands for. If it can help us to connect with God, it is a worship song. How or when do we apply the song depends on the church worship leader, the pastor, and the worship planning team.

Suggested worship music (Hymns,  choruses and spiritual songs) or arrangement could be:

  1. Call to worship (scripture reading, instrumental music, and short spiritual songs)
  2. Adoration
  3. Confession
  4. Praise

A leader can change the order, to reflect the focus and objective of the service.

The utmost purpose of worship service is that ‘all should meet with God,’ our Father to help and order our steps in the new week,  to receive answers to our requests and have peace in this troubled world as we journey to meet Jesus, our dear Saviour in Eternal glory. Amen.

Songs in worship

Where do we place songs like, I have decided to follow Jesus, Blessed assurance, Wonderful Merciful Saviour, As the deer pants for the water, Praise to the Lord the Almighty, What shall I render unto the Lord?  Are they also referred to as worship service songs?

We don’t hear songs like, ‘All the way to Calvary’ too often. We have replaced such songs with songs that are theologically depleted and can make us jump and feel good, strong beat! That’s what we sometimes refer to as praise/worship songs.

Let every song serves its purpose of telling the truth about the gospel and the God of the Bible and the story of his people through history.

Keep singing!




¹ Extract from: https://bible.org/seriespage/12-psalm-95-warning-about-worship



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